7 Strategies for Effective time management

Throughout my late teenage years I really took the time management and planning so serious. as a newbie I was truly excited for this trying and using every possible app from Todoist to Tick tick. I really wanted to find the perfect tool that help me manage my day to day life.

Here’s what I learned about how to manage my time & my daily todo list and get things done without feeling burnout.

  1. Find an app that fits your needs

its obvious and so clear in this digital era all of all of us rely on our phones…then why not to make your phone your own time management assistant. there is plenty of apps out there that can help you manage your time.

2. Create Morning/Night Routines

Creating a routines whether its for morning or night is a cool strategy because it will help you set a boundaries for when your day starts and when it ends making a clear path when you should be active and when you must rest.

3. Don't plan everything the nigh before — leave a room for surprise

I, personally admit that this was one the biggest mistakes I've ever done during my journey. planning every little things I will do tomorrow leaving literally nothin but several minutes of uncertainty. this for sure a bad strategy.

there's always external factors that ruin your whole daily plan …you've to leave a room for surprise and be able to adjust your day quickly.

4. Prioritize

Setting a priority is important especially in your daily planning as you must focus on getting what need to be done first and then tackle what you want to do in your day later.

5. Timeframe your tasks

This strategy proved it efficacy. but don't get me wrong …by time framing I mean evaluate how much time this task will take you do. And then set a timer and do it. in the other hand compared to other side of coin…constraining your tasks with a rigid timeframe “Like saying I will start studying at 10:00 and I will finish at 13:00” . this is a rigid timeframe your studying task will take 3 hours but you constrained your task with a starting and ending points leaving no room for uncertainty pf what could happen.

6. Take a break when you need it

Burnouts….and the feeling you just want to finish your daily will occur…that why you need a break every minute & a while . you can do something you love to recharge your self like watching your favorite anime or TV show, calling a friend or doing some warm up workouts. doing something to defuse you from the exhausting mood.

7. Don't push hard on yourself

As a perfectionist I always wanted my day to be perfect and flow as I planned . always pushed too hard and that was energy consuming . instead of focusing on having a nice well structured day..all my energy was focused on my day flow goes as I planned leaving me stranded in the middle of the day ..or depressed at late nights.

That's why an individual focus must be on living a day you enjoy and be able to get things done without putting any constraints on yourself that will consume your energy.

Entrepreneur, Game Designer & Tech Enthusiastic